Zionism and Israel advocacy

Interfaith projects

With Israel under attack from all quarters, Mizrachi has partnered with the SA Zionist Federation to reach out to leaders throughout South Africa to bring the true story of Israel to the Jewish and non-Jewish South African communities. interfaith-2 interfaith-1 Mizrachi SA provides the Rabbinic leadership to enter into dialogue with religious and lay leadership through the country. A highlight this year was Rabbi Widmonte providing Rabbinic leadership to a group of over 100 Christian leaders visiting Israel in partnership with the SAZF.

Rockets to Roses

As part of Mizrachi’s on-going efforts to aid in transforming darkness to light, we introduced the Rockets to Roses project to South Africa. r2r-3 r2r-2 r2r-1 Under the project, actual Kassam Rockets that have landed in Israel are reworked into hand sculpted roses, candlesticks and menorahs, living symbols of the perseverance of the people of Israel, which are then sold. Not only does this provide much needed employment in these rocket-stricken areas, but additionally, a portion of the proceeds is donated to Operation Lifeshield to build more bomb shelters in S’derot and save lives. Order your Rockets to Roses candlesticks, jewellery and ornaments from Mizrachi!

Jerusalem Marathon 2013 and 2014

Mizrachi Rocks Jerusalem!

In 2012, Rabbi Widmonte spearheaded the initiative to take 80 people to the Jerusalem marathon for Mizrachi’s 80th year. In 2013 there were 30 people and in 2014, in partnership with ORT and the SAZF we hit 70!

What an energy! Along with Bruce Fordyce, the dynamic of Mizrachi pulsed through runners from Cape Town, KZN and Gauteng – all feeling the amazing synthesis of the physical and the spiritual.

Join up now for 2015 while spaces are still available!

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