Leadership Development

YAD Rabbinic Development Programme

Eight years ago, Mizrachi SA pioneered the YAD project – the first of its kind in South Africa. Young Rabbinical leaders are sponsored in Israel for their studies and in return they commit, year for year, to return to work for the SA Jewish community.


Three young couples have returned to South Africa to take up positions within the Mizrachi family: Rabbi Shmuli and Tali Kagan, Rabbi Leron and Sarah Bernstein and Rabbi Daniel and Andy Kaplan.

There are two couples in training at the moment, scheduled to return in 2016 and 2017 respectively, including Rabbi Greg and Hannah Bank.
We salute our YAD donors and thank you for your vision and belief!

Partnership with Yeshiva University

In 2010, Mizrachi created a partnership with Yeshiva University to leverage the experience in Torah Leadership at this centre of Modern Orthodoxy in the USA.

Our first project was our jointly produced, Chagim-To-Go publication, for Jewish festivals.

The second project we embarked on was to send SA educators on a YU course in experiential (informal) education. The next stage will be to expand this to formal educators and educational professionals.

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