Mizrachi Shul

The Mizrachi shul is a pillar of learning, spiritual growth and unity in the religious Zionist community. Membership of the shul continues to grow at a phenomenal rate!

Apart from daily and shabbat davening services, the shul’s many learning programmes, community initiatives and events continue to play a part in the constant spiritual upliftment of the Johannesburg Jewish community.

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The dynamic leadership of the Mizrachi Shul comprises Rabbi Shlomo and Mira Glicksberg, Rabbi Yoni and Candy Lipschitz, Rabbi Shmuli and Tali Kagan and Rabbi Leron and Sarah Bernstein.

Or Zarua

The Or Zarua Young Adults Minyan on the Yeshiva College Campus makes a vital contribution to the community.
Here young singles and young couples are forging an identity for themselves on the basis of religious Zionism and modern Orthodoxy. Led by Rabbi Ovadia and Aliza Sofer, the community has grown already and and with Hashem’s blessing will continue to do so.




Rabbis’ and Rebbetzins’ contact details

Rabbi Shlomo Glicksberg

Rabbi Yoni Lipschitz

Rabbi Shmuli Kagan

Rebbetzin Mira Glicksberg

Rebbetzin Sarah Bernstein

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