Unity Challenge – Jerusalem Marathon 2015

Our Unity Challenge team flew off the run the Jerusalem Marathon 2015. We were privileged to host South African Comrades Champion, Ludwick Mamabola, as our Comrades Champion.

Ludwick came 8th overall in the Jerusalem Marathon and represented South Africa with absolute pride. Coupled with the marathon and its its exciting and unifying elements, our Unity team experienced many facets of Israeli society through volunteering, touring and experiencing some of the brightest minds that Israel has to offer.

Ludwick Mamabola, was a guest speaker at many events including:

– The official Unity Challenge Team dinner
– The Official Marathon press conference with the mayor of Jerusalem
– Beit Issie Shapiro and Bayit Shel Benjy fundraising evening

The experience is once in a lifetime and we look forward to offering this program in the years to come:

For more info email: info@unitychallenge.co.za

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