Mizrachi South Africa led a team of 70 South Africans encompassing diverse religions, races, creeds and cultures who road Momentum 94.7 Challenge to raise funds for a sustainable, hi-tech feeding scheme located at a township primary school catering for 1200 school children who were unable to fit into the other local schools. The school, located on the outskirts of Johannesburg will benefit from an innovative agricultural solution which will see the school garden being transformed into a major resource for food for both the children and the parents, and providing up to 3000 people with meals daily.

The race was an unbelievable and inspiring day where our 70 participants road the streets of Johannesburg in the colours of Israel and South Africa. The pride that all the riders shared was truly remarkable.

In the spirit of the race the team, named Team Ride4Africa–Israel, will unite South Africans in the commitment of building a positive common vision for South Africans to go forward in achieving their shared goals of upliftment and nation building.

For more information go to www.ride4israel.org.za 

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